Top 5: Unmissable Experiences of the Colca Valley

Top 5

Unmissable Experiences of the Colca Valley

Soaring views, rich culture, fascinating wildlife… In the Colca Valley, there’s something new to discover at every step.  Read on as we count down our top recommendations.

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Trek to Condor’s Cross

Set on one of the steepest sides of the Colca Canyon, Condor’s Cross boasts some of the most dramatic scenery in all of Peru. Head out early for a chance to spot the iconic Andean condor in flight, gliding on the thermals, and savor the incredible views across the canyon.

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Explore with a Peruvian Paso horse

Famed for their smooth gait, Peruvian Paso horses offer one of the smoothest rides in the world. Set off in the morning or early afternoon with an expert guide through pristine forest, uncovering pockets of the valley rarely seen. Stopping to rest by the river as the horses drink is sure to be a lifelong memory.

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See the wonders of the cosmos

The remote location of Belmond Las Casitas makes it a haven of tranquillity, and a place of pilgrimage for stargazers desperate for unsullied skies. Lose yourself to the wonders of the night as you look through our high-powered telescope, seeing constellations with startling clarity.

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Discover nature’s bounty

Colca Valley is abundant with fantastic flora; most of which can be found within Belmond Las Casitas. Explore our organic vegetable garden, where we source most of the ingredients for our kitchen. Tour the five greenhouses, prickly pear orchard and vegetable beds before visiting our small farm.

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Recreate the tastes of Peru

Peruvian cuisine is taking the world by storm, so why not learn how to create our signature dishes? Our expert chefs will teach you about the distinctive tastes and textures, then help you put theory into action.

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