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As the visionary leader of luxury travel, we believe we have a distinct role in perpetuating the Legendary Art of Travel. At Belmond, our passion is to craft incomparable genuine travel experiences. With that comes a responsibility for safeguarding the beauty that surrounds our properties, as well as the precious local culture that make our guests' stays so unique.

With our pioneering spirit and ambition to shape the future of travel, we focus on enhancing the cultural, natural and human heritage of the destinations where we operate, ensuring it stays relevant and timeless for generations to come.

Our “Think Global, Act Local” approach values each property’s first-hand knowledge and recognises the specificities of every context. It allows each local team to develop initiatives and partnerships that have the most relevance to the spaces and the communities that live adjacent to them, maximising in this way their impact and engagement across three pillars:

For setting ambitious sustainability goals as a company, in 2021 we elevated our efforts through a Partnership with EarthCheck, the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. The partnership enables us to robustly monitor our resources, track improvements, and identify any challenges across solid waste management, water and energy consumption use as well as in responsible procurement and social and cultural management.

As we look to the future, we continue to explore ways of progressing heritage and elevating our impact across the world.

A logo made of leaf-shapes in blues clustering to form a globe represents EarthCheck, which advises on sustainable tourism.

Meet Earth Check

Belmond works with EarthCheck, the world’s leading certification, consulting, and advisory group for sustainable destinations and tourism organisations. This partnership gives us the ability to measure, manage and improve further our environmental performance across our worldwide operations. Within this comprehensive framework, our properties undergo a stringent sustainability certification process rooted in scientific principles and centered on people. We are subject to rigorous audits to ensure our compliance with ambitious standards.

EarthCheck is trusted by more than 1300 leading travel and tourism operators in over 84 countries and is considered world-leading due to the integrity of its standards, transparency of its systems and robustness of the science that it is founded on.

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