Sunrise above the clouds

Take a jeep to the peak in Madeira

THERE AREN'T MANY mountain summits you can reach by car. But 1,818-metre Pico do Arieiro, Madeira’s third highest peak, is one of the rare few. Jump in a 4x4 jeep from Reid’s Palace, A Belmond Hotel, and we’ll take you up above the clouds to watch the sun rise.

Gaze in awe as shades of crimson, gold and violet emerge on the horizon, gently illuminating the majestic peaks around you. Stay rapt as sweeping panoramas across Madeira’s central mountains unfold; in clear weather you may even spot the neighbouring island of Porto Santo, 30 nautical miles away.

From this exceptional viewpoint you can stride out on a scenic trail—though perhaps leave the path to mighty Pico Ruivo, Madeira’s highest point, till another day. Dipping back beneath the clouds, you’ll notice the mountains are clad in lush vegetation including heather, moss and the striking purple Echium candicans, known as the Pride of Madeira. We’ll bring you to a verdant setting where, surrounded by pine forests and birdsong, a private butler is waiting to serve you a breakfast of fresh pastries and succulent fruits. Glass of champagne in hand, raise a toast to life before returning to the jeep to continue off-roading: your adventure has just begun.

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