The Power of Poetry

In our fast-paced world, the thoughtful medium of poetry provides an opportunity to take time to slow down and reflect. Gala Gordon and Isabella Macpherson are on hand to curate the best of travel-inspired creativity.

GOOD LIVING is Belmond’s philosophy on wellbeing—finding a happy balance of guilt-free indulgences. We believe in living a life full of adventure and cultural experiences that enrich the mind and nourish the soul.

Gala Gordon and Isabella Macpherson, the two founders of Platform Presents, are ardent believers in the power of poetry and theatre. They’ve made it their mission to champion emerging talent.

“Where Will We Wander, I Wonder?” is a poem by South London poet and musician Ollie Feather. His rhythm driven verse and melodic choruses have been winning over audiences across the capital.

Where Will We Wander, I Wonder?

  • Aqua marine scene.
    Smiling bottom lip strip.
    Capillary print sits
    Like an outstretched fingertip
    On that baby navy blue view
    That reminds me of me and you.
    Pristine clean
    Like love at fifteen.
    The azure
    Which sits between that glass
    And the crept-coral hue
    Is full of pink-petal promises
    From the bandstand on the boardwalk
    To the long-lost and overdue.
    Walk on.
    Discover where the dust settles
    Beneath the pines
    And the road turns to track
    Just beyond the railway lines.
    Where will this one take us --
    In the bold light of today
    Where will we belong?
    Slip through the citrus orchard
    Sat at the porch of dawn
    And make acquaintance
    With the pantomime of possibility.
    Walk on.
    You are the seeker.
    Watch now
    As we pass
    A reflection of the things we used to know,
    Washed and
    Reminded of the things that we owe
    To outside.
    To narrow.
    To wide.
    And the beauty of the coin toss to decide.
  • No more whispers between the moonbeam And that midnight green.
  • Your fingertips touch the breeze.
  • Today it will all be different.
  • By Ollie Feather

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