Crafting of Maroma

Follow the craft as we reimagine an icon

Re-opening on August 3, 2023, Maroma has been born anew—crafted according to timeless, sacred principles and traditions for true Mayan authenticity.

Discover how legend and community are woven into each traditional skill. Taste tradition as it is twisted into pioneering new flavors, and learn how the lessons of the past shape the future of this land and its people. Follow the journey as we explore each of the elements that go into the crafting of Maroma.


An embroiderer stitches track and zigzag patterns on to white cotton as another craftsperson holds it taut, seen in closeup.

Our design philosophy

The talented artisans who have crafted Maroma’s rebirth harnessed the very best raw materials—stones, clay, wood and fibers—each rich in natural beauty. We stayed true to tradition, partnering with master craftspeople with a delicacy of touch and a reverence for the organic to enshrine their natural beauty.


Get to Know the Artisans

Authentically crafted textiles by Concepción Orvañanos

In their stunning uniforms created for Maroma, Concepción Orvañanos used “local materials for our fabrics to bring authenticity” such as traditional and eco-friendly manta fabric. The result? “Clothes that celebrate Mexican diversity, culture, and heritage. For us, craft is a luxury because it is handmade by masters and great craftswomen.”

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Hand-carved furniture by Alberto Alfaro Joffroy

Wood-carving is an art of beautiful tactility, and furniture takes on a whole new meaning when forged by hand. “Some details are impossible to achieve with a machine,” confides Joffroy. “The furniture we created for Maroma is more than 80% hand-carved. What is beautiful about hand-made pieces is the movement of the wood carving; achieving a specific design is artistic work, and carvers are true artists.”

Locally-sourced Ceramics by José Noé Suro

When it came to the painstakingly hand-made ceramics, José Noé Suro was dedicated to celebrating Mexican design and the country’s history of craft. “We made over 700,000 clay tiles for the room’s floors,” he says, “each one hand-crafted and painted. All the clay and materials we’re using are from the Jalisco region in Mexico.”

Custom-made glassware by Max Kublailan

Glass-blowing is a beautiful art, believes Max Kublailan. “It’s very dynamic; it catches the light everywhere in new ways.” For Maroma’s re-design, he used this malleable material to create stunning mirrors and wall-lamps, each piece with its own unique identity.

Custodians of
Natural Beauty

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