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Estrada Monumental 139 9000-098 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Sail 450 miles off the west coast of Africa and you could miss the tiny island of Madeira. Thankfully in 1418, sailors Joao Zarco and Tristao Teixiera didn’t. Claiming the island for Portuguese prince, Henry the Navigator.

The pearl of the Atlantic blooms like a true subtropical paradise. The climate proving perfect for lush vegetation to thrive. Between the neatly manicured gardens and the wild untouched landscapes, this island glows with an old-world charm. Of all hotels in Funchal, Madeira, Belmond Reid’s Palace is its treasured Grand Dame.

Belmond Reid's Palace

Estrada Monumental 139
9000-098 Funchal, Madeira

Belmond Reid’s Palace is within easy reach. You’ll find us...

  • a 20-minute drive from Madeira International Airport (FNC)
  • a 10-minute drive from central Funchal
  • a 2-hour ferry ride from Porto Santo Island
  • a 40-minute drive from Pico do Arieiro
Aerial View of Belmond Reid’s Palace, Funchal Madeira

Destination Guide: Unlock Madeira

The floating garden. The island of eternal spring. The garden island. Madeira has many names, each one conferring an almost magical beauty on this little European outpost. Hidden away in the Atlantic, 300 miles from the Moroccan coast, its landscape staggers as it soothes.

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Aerial View of Belmond Reid’s Palace, Funchal Madeira

Concierge Recommendations

Banana Tree, Madeira, Portugal

Garden Glory

For botanists and beauty-seekers alike, Madeira’s public parks are well worth a visit. But the secluded gardens of Belmond Reid’s Palace are a special eden, just for our guests. Wander among stunning displays of geraniums and hibiscus, or find a quiet spot to sit and soak-up the sea views.

Levada walks Madeira

Scenic Levada Walk

Visitors often come for Madeira’s celebrated levada walks. By far, the best is from Quinta Grande to Boa Morte. You’ll want to tread carefully, it’s a tricky route, but two-hours of the island’s most enchanting views make the challenge worth every step.

Pico do Arieiro, Madeira, Portugal

Sunrise Above the Clouds

Head out in quiet moments before dawn for a truly heavenly view. We’ll arrange a 4x4 Jeep from Belmond Reid’s Palace to the wilds of Pico do Arieiro. Here, you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast served by a private butler. Tuck in as you enjoy spectacular views of the sun bursting above the clouds.

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