A Wild Welcome Home


A Wild Welcome Home

Quite often we find ourselves thinking that the journey is more important than the destination. But sometimes, it is the rare and magical combination of both that can really set your heart ablaze. The journey from Arequipa and the arrival at Belmond Las Casitas are one such experience.

Trundling along the scant roads of the Colca Valley is an otherworldly experience. Soaring peaks overlook steep drops. The thinning oxygen can play with your sense of scale and time as things seem to slow down. The landscape is almost lunar in places. Along the road you see the quaint wooden sign. Turning down a steep road, the resort casitas appear below the ridge, perched beside the tranquil river. Friendly faces are awaiting your arrival. It’s a true welcome home.

Immediately you notice a unique atmosphere—the sense of adventure is palpable. Any travel fatigue is quickly abandoned; there’s an overwhelming desire to explore.

Wander down the meandering pathways, past serene ponds and colorful flowers, to your own personal sanctuary. Each luxury casita is timelessly designed; from the rich, warm colors and glowing fireplaces to the local patterns and Peruvian artifacts. Steam rises from your naturally warmed plunge pool, beckoning you to take a dip and unwind. Whether gazing out across the verdant gardens or towards the Inca terraces of the valley, the views will take your breath away.

It’s easy to get comfortable here, but don’t be too sedate. There are endless adventures to be had, making the most of the spellbinding location. Beautiful Paso horses can be found within the resort’s ground, and can be taken to explore the hidden corners of the canyon that are impossible to access any other way. You can join a trek to Condor’s Cross and see the mesmerizing Andean condor carve through the skies in their natural habitat. Or stay closer to home, feeding the friendly alpacas, browsing our organic farm and gardens, or fishing in the trout ponds.

You’ve earned some downtime, and nowhere does it better than our world-class spa. Enter through greenhouses filled with herbs, and admire the stunning rock which the spa complex is built around. Everything here is designed to connect you to Mother Earth, so you can benefit from her unique healing power. Each treatment room has a beautiful view, the perfect place to unwind with a post-treatment botanical tea. Every moment seems to whisper, “You are meant to be here.”

As night descends, the main building comes to life. It’s a grand house, and it feels like you have been specially invited for a family gathering. Mingle with your fellow travellers and share the stories of your day’s exploits. Each one will be different.

Dinner here is a feast for all the senses. Curiña makes the most of indigenous ingredients, many from our own gardens, and presents them with gorgeous modern flair. Slow-cooked pork, purple corn, and creamy vegetable stews are sure to replenish your energy. Then enjoy a nightcap in scenic Puccq’io bar. The pisco-based Chilcano de la Casa, uplifted with zesty ginger ale, is hard to turn down.

Back at your casita, curl up in front of the fire, or take a seat outside and marvel at the endless canopy of stars. It feels like you’re a world away from anything else, and right now nothing could be sweeter.

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