The Copacabana Palace Playlist

Words by Belmond Editors

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian actress and television presenter Taís Araújo has curated a playlist that captures the sounds of the city and the atmosphere for a night spent dancing at Copacabana Palace.

1. Muito Românico, Xande de Pilares
"This song is written by Caetano Velloso and sung here by Xande, a singer that I love. For me, this was the best album on Rio's music scene release last year. It's overwhelming to listen to, very romantic."

2. Queda Livre, Os Garotin
"This is a wonderful carioca music group from the suburbs of the city. It's charming and perfect for dancing."

3. Comum, ÀVUÀ
"My most recent musical discovery, which is too good not to share!"

4. Última Dança, Agnes Nunes
"Agnes Nunes is a young female talent in Brazil; I adore her musical references and background."

5. O Que é o Amor, Arlindo Cruz
"I adore his compositions and voice. He's in a delicate health situation, so we must appreciate his voice while we can."

6. Pequenas Alegrias da Vida Adulta, Rael e Emicida
"Rael e Emicida are one of my favorites. They talk about daily life and adulthood with such sensitivity."

7. O Vencedor, Los Hermanos
"I love going to Los Hermanos concerts. When they play this song live, it feels like a beautiful prayer."

8. Diamente Verdade, Xande De Pilares
"Again, another beautiful song from this incredible album. From top to bottom, there's no bad song on the whole record."

9. Meu Grande Amor, Yoún
"Another recent discovery for me. The groove is so smooth and relaxing on the ear."

10. Árvore, Fran Gil e Chico Chico
"I adore this song. It talks about motherhood, and raising a kid... I always get very emotional when I listen to it."

11. Palavras Ao Vento, Cássia Eller
"This is a Rio de Janeiro classic. There's nothing like it."

12. Olha, Maria Bethânia
"This is a great way to end this playlist. This album is incredible, and I think this song is the most beautiful in the world."

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