Traveller Tips

Find out all you need to know before you travel on the Hiram Bingham.

What is included in the rate?

A journey on the Hiram Bingham includes:

  • Welcome drink at the station
  • Onboard meals with Peruvian, Argentinian and Chilean wine, Cusqueña beer, Pisco Sour, soft drinks and hot drinks (lunch on outward journey, dinner on return)
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Guides
  • Bus transfers
  • Entrance to the Machu Picchu Sanctuary
  • Afternoon tea at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

Guests can also enjoy a one-way trip on the Hiram Bingham. For information on what is included, please contact us

Is the timetable defined?

Yes, but do keep in mind this is subject to change. Contact us before you travel for final details.

9:05am Departure from Poroy train station (20 minutes drive from Cusco)

12:25pm Arrival at Machu Picchu station. Transfer by bus to the Sanctuary

1:00pm Tour of the ruins

4:00pm Afternoon Tea at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

4:45pm Transfer to Machu Picchu train station

5:50pm Train departs for Cusco

9:15pm Arrival at Poroy train station

What is bimodal service?

Between January 2 and April 30, 2017, PeruRail operates it's bimodal service (bus + train). Passengers travelling aboard Hiram Bingham's bimodal service will board a private bus at Poroy Station, 25 minutes away from Cusco’s historic city centre, and alight at Rio Sagrado. From the hotel, they will join the Hiram Bingham for the journey to Machu Picchu Station. On the return leg, passengers are dropped off at their hotels in Cusco.

Are there various menu options available?

Yes, there are different dining options available allowing each passenger to select their preference. Please contact us in advance to arrange alternative dining options, including vegetarian and children's meals.

Where are the pre-dinner cocktails served?

Beginning in the VIP lounge, cocktails and canapés will be served in the bar car if the train is not full, otherwise they will be served in the dining cars.

Is the Afternoon Tea private to Hiram Bingham passengers?

Yes, one of the restaurants at the Sanctuary Lodge has been allocated for this purpose.

If passengers prefer to stay at the Inca remains instead of having Afternoon Tea, will the tour guide stay with them?

No, the guide will go to the Afternoon Tea at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge and will arrange a meeting point for those passengers who decide to stay in the Machu Picchu citadel.

Is there a discount for passengers who do not want to take services included in the Hiram Bingham package?

No, unfortunately all inclusions are charged as taken.

Are there tour guides for non-English speaking passengers?

All tours are provided in English and Spanish. However, for groups of 14 or more we can offer the tour in the language that you require (Portuguese, French, German or Italian). Please make arrangements with PeruRail in advance by emailing

Is the bus to and from Machu Picchu private to Hiram Bingham passengers?


Is it possible to stay overnight at Machu Picchu?

Yes, however, the return journey is subject to availability. The Hiram Bingham package includes an entrance ticket to the Machu Picchu remains, and these must be used on the first day. Any extra costs on the second day for entrances, bus rides etc. are at the passengers own expense. Contact us at for more information or to book.

Will the Hiram Bingham depart earlier for passengers who stay overnight at Machu Picchu?

No, however, passengers who want to arrive back to Cusco earlier have the option of boarding another PeruRail service. Unfortunately, no discount is available on the standard rate. Passengers can combine a trip on the train with another service on the way back at the same Hiram Bingham rate.

How do you transport passenger luggage?

There is no special coach for luggage. We suggest that passengers bring only items necessary for a day trip. An elegant Hiram Bingham travel bag will be provided.

Is the Hiram Bingham available for charter?

We always do our best to attend to our customer’s needs and charter services will usually be available upon request.

Is there a different timetable for charters?

The timetable for charters will be arranged in coordination with PeruRail on an individual basis for each group, according to each group’s needs and the safety regulations of the government and PeruRail.

Can you offer a special menu for charters?

Yes, menus can be tailored with a variety of different options.

Can you offer additional services for groups chartering the Hiram Bingham?

Yes, we can offer tailored programmes, depending on your requirements.

Do tour guides travel for free?

Unfortunately, due to limited space, tour guides cannot travel for free. Tour guides have to pay the full cost. However, they may take an earlier PeruRail service to Machu Picchu, arriving before the Hiram Bingham.

Do you offer any complimentary tickets for a particular number sold?

Unfortunately we cannot offer any complimentary tickets.

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