After the first edition of MITICO in 2022, Belmond takes art installations to new heights with a second season, in collaboration with Galleria Continua — one of the most important contemporary art galleries in the world. This year, we celebrate the talent of seven prominent artists as they take over the walls, gardens and façades of our most captivating landmarks.

Explore the notions of identity, human nature, and our complex relationship with our surroundings, alongside Arcangelo Sassolino, Yoan Capote, Nari Ward and the duo of artists Sun Yuan & Peng Yu. Discover their art installations throughout our legendary residences, and turn an unforgettable stay into an artistic experience beyond compare.

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Identity & Uprooting

Arcangelo Sassolino
At La Residencia

Through his sculptures and installations, Arcangelo Sassolino examines the friction between industrial progress and environmental concerns. In his MITICO art installation HUNGER (2006/2007), he re-contextualises an engine from the construction industry in a large space where its lack of all function and vain attempts to grab the concrete floor brings reflection upon the real weight of technology.

Discover La Residencia
Identity & Origins

Yoan Capote
At Villa Sant’Andrea

Born in La Havana, Cuba, Yoan Capote investigates topics such as emigration, emotions and alienation through his art — common experiences of human beings, regardless of their origins. With Family Portrait (2022), the promising creative alludes to the lyrics of an emblematic Cuban song, “Foto de familia” by Carlos Varela, and uses old house mirrors to offer the viewer a meaningful reflection on family members and their connection to each other.

Discover Villa Sant'Andrea
Collective Identity

Yoan Capote
At Grand Hotel Timeo

At Grand Hotel Timeo, the Cuban artist explores the complexity of our behaviours through a selection of sculptures. Throughout MITICO, discover how the artist represents visual analogies between the inanimate object and the human mind and learn more about the inspiration behind Stress, Displaced (2019), Self-portrait, Study of Resistance (2019), Urban Nature (2021) and Deriva (2022).

Discover Grand Hotel Timeo
Identity Over Time

Nari Ward
At Castello Di Casole

American artist Nari Ward collects discarded objects and salvaged materials found in his local area in New York, repurposing them in thought-provoking artistic juxtapositions to tackle social and political matters. In this year’s edition of MITICO, Ward takes residence in the gardens of Castello Di Casole — discover how he explores the crucial passage from childhood to the adult age with Stallers (2013), his art installation.

Discover Castello Di Casole
Identity In Space

Sun Yuan & Peng Yu
At Villa San Michele

Beijing-based conceptual artists Sun Yuan & Peng Yu are two prominent figures in contemporary art known for their thought-provoking ad unconventional work. For MITICO, the duo takes Teenager Teenager (2011), their hyper-realistic art installation to Villa San Michele, Florence. Discover their art as they reveal what hides behind appearances and portray dichotomies between reality and ideals, expectations and truths.

Discover Villa San Michele
Identity & Nature

Loris Cecchini
At Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons

Milan-based Loris Cecchini explores the relationship between the organic and the artificial, attempting to “create a shift, a poetic suspension” to link the shapes of Nature to technology through his art installations. At Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons, discover Arborexence (2023), a sculptural installation made of stainless steel modules, spread in harmony with the surrounding space.

Discover Le Manoir

Meet The Artists

Two giant baby strollers with orange and blue fishing net seats by New York artist Nari Ward stand in the hotel's gardens


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