DaV Mare

A Family Affair

Enrico and Roberto, or ‘Chicco’ and ‘Bobo’ as they are fondly known, are members of one of Italy’s most respected culinary families. Meet the team bringing their expertise to Splendido Mare, a Belmond hotel in Portofino.

The story of the Cerea family began fifty-five years ago. Vittorio, the family patriarch, founded Da Vittorio in Bergamo in 1966. The restaurant quickly grew in fame, known for being one of the first to bring fish-based cuisine to landlocked Lombardy. It now proudly bears three Michelin stars. It is here that the brothers honed their culinary craft, contributing to Da Vittorio's world-renowned success. The dream, however, was always to open a restaurant by sea. As they take the reins of DaV Mare in Portofino, their dream has become a reality.

“We’re thrilled to bring our open-air restaurant model to DaV Mare. Our aim is to focus on the dishes and allow the beautiful setting to speak for itself. The relaxed sophistication of Portofino is perfect for our new gastronomic approach. To cook a stone’s throw from the harbour is an indescribable feeling.

We are so happy to finally bring our passion for fish-based cuisine to the waterfront. The flavour and freshness will simply be unparalleled. Fish and shellfish are the main stars of our menu at DaV Mare, thanks to the richness of the fish basin in the area. We’ll be combining this with Ligurian classics, such as Cappon magro. Slow food principles will guide us each step of the way.”

“Compared to some of our past ventures, we’re deliberately taking a more carefree approach to DaV Mare. The restaurant will still follow our principles: the best seasonal ingredients, with a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Italian gastronomy. Refined, joyful, warm and tasty: these are the defining words of our seafood restaurant in Portofino.”

This allows us to explore the versatility of our products by playing with cooking, textures and processes. We want to project a home-away-from-home feel; this is reflected in our opening times, which will accommodate the eating habits of both Italians and the jet-set. We want to be a home to all who love good food”

“We know how much our signature dishes are expected by guests, and they won't be disappointed. Our legendary Paccheri alla Vittorio—a simple and stunning celebration of the humble tomato pasta—will be inevitable.

One new dish reflects our ethos of traditional Italian fare, elevated with contemporary style: Risotto with Pesto and Santa Margherita Ligure shrimps. The rest? We invite everyone to come to DaV Mare and discover the other treasures that await.”

A plate of risotto tinged a pale pesto green, topped with Santa Margherita Ligure prawns and dots of tomato emulsion

The Piazzetta Recipe

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