The Creative Act: Tara Bernerd

Words by Belmond Editors

The Creative Act: Tara Bernerd

Maroma's interior decorator, Tara Bernerd, with blond hair and linen top smiles while photographed in a suite she designed.

Interior design doyenne Bernerd felt a responsibility to honour the Riviera Maya in her redesign of Belmond’s Mexican retreat, Maroma. Watch for more on her process.

Watch as Tara talks us through her creative process, revealing how she and her team enhanced the hotel's natural beauty, worked with local artisans, and incorporated a warmth and contemporary elegance to this gem of the Riviera Maya.

The Creative Act

Tara Bernerd

Pasta tiles flow from a seating area up two steps to a beautiful sub-lit bar, crafted with cane, with four wicker stools.
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