Signature Villas at Castello di Casole

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Authentic Tuscan Charm in Our Luxury Signature Villas

The widespread lush vegetation. The beauty of a rich, Etruscan heritage. The feel of an inviting home, to be enjoyed with family and loved ones. Stay in Usil or Thesan, our two sumptuous Villas at Castello di Casole where the sun shines through a jasmine-clad pergola.

Part of Belmond's Signature Suite and Villas collection, Usil and Thesan promise an exceptional level of luxury. Step inside and discover spaces appointed with every indulgence that’s exclusively yours.

Villa Usil

Located in the Sant’Antonio area of the hotel, Villa Usil boasts a privileged vantage point below the Limonaia suites. Occupying approximately 250 sqm, the spacious villa nestles three comfortably furnished master bedrooms, an intimate garden and an expansive terrace.

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Villa Thesan

With its three master bedrooms, intimate garden and private patios, Villa Thesan is the perfect luxury accommodation to host you and your loved ones. Terracotta flooring, rustic beams and Tuscan stone and marble are combined to create a sensational home away from home.

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View over gardens, where a path cuts through lawn with olive trees and herb bushes to the terrace at the back of Villa Usil.

The Story of the Villas

Villa Thesan, meaning “dawn” in the Etruscan language, pays homage to Castello di Casole’s Etruscan origins. As well as being built on Etruscan land, the estate houses rare, 4th-century Etruscan artefacts belonging to previous owners, the Bargagli family. Thesan represents the Etruscan goddess of the dawn, long associated with the sunrise and the creation of life.

Meanwhile, rays beam down on Villa Usil, named after both the Etruscan word for “sun” and the Etruscan god of the sun. The deity is often portrayed rising out of the waves, a radiant diadem on his head and fireballs in his hands. A reflection of artisanal Tuscany, Villa Thesan offers a carefully curated blend of rustic beams, wrought-iron balustrades and exposed brickwork.

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The Pinnacle of Luxury

Experience the next level of excellence with Belmond’s selection of Signature Suites and Villas. Our most opulent accommodation around the globe promises a truly indulgent getaway⁠—where every pristine detail is taken care of.

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