Combating the Cape Drought

We are happy to share the uplifting news that the City of Cape Town has experienced above average rainfalls during May, and the City’s dam levels have increased to 29,8%. Once our dam levels go over 31%, we can confidently say that the threat of a Day Zero scenario will be nullified for summer 2019.

The City’s desalination plants are starting to deliver water into the system, and the aquifer drilling is continuing despite some problems. The City of Cape Town is confident that augmentation sources will supply an additional 100 megalitres of water per day by the end of 2018. Although Cape Town is almost ready to call the water crisis over, citizens are still urged to save water, as it has been the people of Cape Town's enthusiastic adherence to the imposed water restrictions that has helped to avoid a potentially disastrous situation.

So, if we keep our consumption levels low, and if we are blessed with above average rainfall this year, the City’s dams should fill up to almost 80% by the end of winter 2018.

Updated June 2018.