The Fleur de Lys cruises up the serene Ouche river, bordered by big trees and green banks, where a cyclist enjoys the route.

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The opulent deck of the Coquelicot barge, with luxurious seating and soft furnishings, antique lighting and potted herbs.

Welcome aboard Coquelicot

An illustration of savoir-vivre, our new indulgent barge captures the essence of a modern luxury river cruise.

Step aboard our new Art Nouveau refurbished boat and indulge in the finest amenities, opulent accommodations and sumptuous details. Watch the ever-changing landscapes of the French country waterways unfold and savour distinctive menus designed by Ruinart’s chef.

Hop off the boat to explore the world’s oldest champagne house, its vineyards and its secrets. With Coquelicot, anticipate a journey like no other.

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