Timeless travel across Great Britain

Expect luxury, glamour and a dash of adventure on an unforgettable trip through the British countryside

Restored to their former glory, the Belmond British Pullman's carriages are as famous today as in the heyday of train travel. Whether you prefer afternoon tea, flowing champagne or both—as many guests do—there's a journey for everyone. Whichever you choose, we guarantee that you'll be whisked back to a more elegant era.
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18 August: The Dinner Hosted by Raymond Blanc

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18 August: The Dinner Hosted by Raymond Blanc

Step aboard and anticipate an unforgettable evening of culinary excellence. For one night only, take your seat on this iconic train and dine on a delicious five-course menu, exclusively created by Chef Raymond Blanc OBE. Each dish is accompanied by our sommelier’s handpicked wines.

Later take the chance to get to know the convivial Frenchman as he passes through the carriages.

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The Carriages

This restored 1920s train has sheltered royalty and been a star of the silver screen. Each whimsically-named carriage has a story to tell. Explore Audrey, Vera, Minerva and more to discover their distinctive personalities.

Delight in antique-style marquetry, vintage lighting and heritage upholstery—our passion for preserving history is evident at every turn.

A Visual Journey

Take a closer look at this historic train and its beautiful details.

Wining and Dining

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