Privacy in Motion

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Travelling in luxury by train or boat recalls a sense of cinematic glamour. Now, takeovers and charters are the new way to recreate a rollicking spirit of celebration for special occasions.

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Right Royal Privacy

Twirl back to the 1920s, the age of stylish private train travel, with British Pullman, A Belmond Train. Speeding through the British countryside, recline in a private coupé for four people, or charter an entire carriage for sixteen lucky loved ones. Five delectable courses await, featuring the pinnacle of British seasonal cuisine. Our historic and exquisitely designed carriages are the perfect spot for any celebration.

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Golden Age of Travel

Follow in the footsteps of Marlene Dietrich and Leo Tolstoy aboard the world’s most storied luxury train, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Make your 1920s fantasy a reality with a private carriage for up to 8 guests. From your gilded privacy, gaze out of your window and watch as rolling hills become snow-capped peaks. A private butler is on hand to attend to your every need: raise a toast with your posse or be seated at a private table in the Côte d’Azur dining car. Unparalleled luxury is a guarantee.

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A blond woman in a white halter-neck dress stretches an arm across the train window as she peers out, seen from the platform.

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Ride the Wave

Our French barges glide gracefully past sleepy villages, verdant hills, quaint castles and rolling vineyards. Journey with up to 22 of your loved ones with a private charter of three barges. Stretch out in the heated pool. Dine on delectable dishes, made with local ingredients. Marvel at the sumptuous interiors, decorated with artwork and antiques. The wonders of Burgundy await.

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Guests relax round a table on the deck while the boat is moored, with a gangplank to the canal bank.

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A Highland Fling

Royal Scotsman, A Belmond Train, traverses Scotland’s stunning castles, glittering lochs and verdant fields. Marvel at the dramatic scenery and clear, starry skies with up to 40 of your nearest and dearest. Charter the entire train and rumble across the rails in plush comfort, admiring the stylish marquetry and Scottish fabrics. An opportunity to sip on scotch malt whiskey in peerless privacy.

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Viewed from behind, a woman in a cream coat uses a portable step to board the Royal Scotsman at Boat of Garten station.

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Royal Ascent to Machu Picchu

Make your ascent to Peru’s famed Inca citadel a sparkling experience aboard Hiram Bingham, A Belmond Train. Twelve of your loved ones can journey in style with exclusive use of the royal car. Luxuriate in a private dining area and bar or stretch out in a relaxed seating area and VIP lounge. Elegant and charming, our Pullman-style carriages will be home to a Payment to the Earth ceremony and a Peruvian dance display.

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A women entering the Hiram Bingham restaurant car

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A Vibrant Journey Through Peru

On a journey aboard Andean Explorer, A Belmond Train, Peru, the adventures are endless: from artisanal market and UNESCO Inca ruin tours to luxury meals in our dining cabins. Whichever multi-night itinerary you choose, our team can tailor your group agenda for a truly unique adventure. When traveling together in aboard our legendary train, group tours have the choice of reserving multiple cabins side by side. Alternatively, choose to charter the whole train and enjoy our onboard Peruvian musicians, storytellers and Andean feasts.

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Guests drinking cocktails and smiling happily at the Piano Bar Car

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