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With boutique weddings now de rigueur, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a day full of luxury and tradition. We’re saying ‘I do’ to the micro-wedding.

Fiancés still want to celebrate with their loved ones—that hasn’t changed. But with the future of large gatherings uncertain, more options for the big day are beginning to emerge. Gone are the days where hundreds of guests can be seated together in a busy ballroom, dancing cheek-to-cheek and bustling to catch the bouquet. That doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the atmosphere.

Enter the micro-wedding—a wedding with less than 20 guests, that is. While elopements tend to be off-the-cuff ceremonies with just a couple of witnesses, those who still want to meticulously plan their big day still can.

“People are trying to do what they can within the current guidelines,” says Nicky Price, Director of Sales, Special Events & Entertainment at Belmond. “Wedding planners are looking at more and more innovative ways to organise intimate weddings now.”

Perhaps one silver lining of our current situation is a renewed focus on nurturing human connections. Many people around the world will have had the opportunity to spend more time with those dearest to them. At micro-weddings, a couple can spend cherished time interacting with their guests, too. Some argue that this is better than a quick ‘hello, thank you for coming!’ you might manage at weddings with a hundred guests. There’s no distant relative sat in a far corner, craning to listen to speeches or squinting to steal a glimpse at the cake-cutting. Each guest has a premium ticket, sat front and center.

Even before the pandemic made us re-evaluate how to celebrate these occasions, micro-weddings were a fast-growing trend. It’s not hard to see why. Bid adieu to that ‘package wedding’ feel. With less space and less guests, couples often have free reign to alter the layout and décor of their venue. They can shape the atmosphere to their own exacting requirements.

Just because your boutique wedding is smaller, that doesn’t have to mean a quick trip to the registrar’s office. It can be an opportunity to eschew tradition and opt for a day that’s more daring, more uniquely you. With our fully adaptable micro-wedding offerings, we prove that big isn’t always better.

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