Personal, private jet luxury


Arriving on Cloud Nine

Leave your worries at home and start your escape in style. At a time when regular travel can seem fraught with uncertainty, your call to adventure could have an unexpected answer—luxury private jets.


Now more than ever, there exists a growing thirst for escapist luxury. Those postcard-perfect moments become even more idealized. The gentle lapping of the waves on dazzling white sand. An aperitivo in a terraced garden as birds sing gently overhead. Stretching out and unwinding in front of the fire in your own indulgent suite. With Belmond, each of these dreamy moments are within reach. Perhaps it’s finding sanctuary on the Anguillan shores of Cap Juluca. Or embracing the ultimate palatial winter fantasy at Grand Hotel Europe in St Petersburg. The question, then, is how to get there.

Standard commercial flights have lost some of their appeal in the last few months. Private flying is the perfect option.


Once the reserve of royalty and silver-screen icons, private jets have become all the more accessible over the past few years. An ever-expanding network of private crafts and the growing demand for more tailored travel have ensured that today’s flyers have a wealth of options when looking for their own jet suites.

As we embrace a socially-distant mindset, what was once an extravagance now offers many benefits. With private jets, you only travel with your selected guests, ensuring your bubble stays undisturbed. Those friction points of check-in and security are also fast tracked to minimize time spent mingling in the airport. You also have the option of choosing your pilot and serving crew for extra peace of mind. Privacy is guaranteed, whether flying with friends, family, colleagues, or even with your beloved furry friends.


When time is life’s true luxury, the complete flexibility of private jets is unsurpassed. You can arrange your flight to almost any destination, from a departure point most convenient to you. Moreover, your expert planner can often pick flight paths that often shave time off their commercial counterparts.

Once again you avoid many of the typical airport hassles that every itinerary automatically accounts for. There is no need to arrive hours before departure—the typical luxury private jet flight usually involves less than 10 minutes of waiting. Dedicated staff will be on hand for take off and landing to further ease the process along. Before you know it, you’ll be airborne and dreaming of the adventures yet to come.


Last but by no means least, there is an irresistible air of indulgence aboard a private jet. Luxury amenities, an abundance of space and personalized service all harken back to a more glamorous age which can set the tone for your incredible adventure. Gone are the vacuum-packed pretzels and peanuts: cuisine aboard is often tailored to your requests, and guaranteed to hit a culinary high note. Champagne, fine wines and other tempting beverages flow to ensure the atmosphere remains buoyant. The experience remains lavish in every sense. And wherever you are flying to, your stay with Belmond promises to match the indulgence beat for beat. When both experiences combine, you will truly feel on top of the world.

The Belmond Private Jet Experience

Fly private to any Belmond hotel and you are guaranteed an exclusive rate. This includes daily breakfast, early check-in and room upgrade subject to availability, and VIP in-room welcome amenities.

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