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Let's Botswana Together
Man steering a traditional mokoro canoe through wetlands

Embrace your wild side

Spot silhouettes of leopards against the red evening light. Be awed by centuries-old Bushmen paintings hidden among Baobab groves. In Botswana, be at one with some of the most majestic creatures to grace the earth—together under the inky, star-filled sky.

Two ladies running joyfully through savannah grasslands

Answer the call of the wild


A trio of unforgettable adventures

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    Your private savannah sanctuary

    Exclusive Places

    Your private savannah sanctuary

    Enjoy the untamed decadence of your own secluded oasis amongst the wild wonders of the savannah.

    Indulge with:

    • Stylish indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces
    • Secluded outdoor rain shower
    • Private splash pool

    Curl up with a book in the reading nook, or take a cooling dip with spectacular views, then sink into your dreamy four-poster bed by night. Our private tented rooms are the height of luxury living in the wild.

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