The global compass on modern culture, ‘Mondes’ taps into the best of timeless travel through the lens of some of the world’s most renowned creatives.

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detail of pullman carriage

Trainspotting & The Supergeek

With trainspotting following chess and birdwatching down the tracks in the reinvention of the humdrum hobby, is embracing the individuality of our quirky personal passions the key to joy 2.0, asks Rick Jordan?

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ancient ruins yutacan peninsula

Mexican Cuisine: Feast of the Gods

On a corn-popping road trip across the Yucatan Peninsula, Javier Arredondo, founder of vibey local travel magazine Travesias, celebrates the mamas who are paving the way forward.

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lavorazione designer

Shapeshifters: The Contemporary Designers of Sicily

Of all the islands in the world, Sicily wears its sun-soaked history with the most style. But its makers and designers are now rebelling against the time-worn stories and, as Stephanie Rafanelli discovers, experimenting with edgier creations…

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woman in gold sequin dress

London Theatre's Second Act

Compared to escaping into the metaverse, the sensation of being part of a theatre audience is visceral and life-affirming, says pioneering producer and emerging-talent champion Isabella Macpherson.

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Birds-eye-view of piles of lemons with green leaves under shade-speckled sunlight

A Longing for Lemons

Sardinian-based chef and food writer Letitia Clark, whose recipes are inspired by Italian cooking, has a passion for lemons. Here, she tells us why those grown in Amalfi are the Holy Grail.

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wild garden oxfordshire

The Beauty of Wild Gardening

Horticulture was once hell-bent on manicured lawns and neat borders. Now, as next generation garden writer Alice Vincent discovers, the true cutting edge of green fingeredness is connecting to outside spaces in a far more freeing way.

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half closed curtain at the Copcabana Palace Theatre stage

Showtime: Copacabana Palace Theatre

Catherine Balston charts how the reopening of the Copacabana Palace Theatre puts a piece of Brazilian history back in the spotlight.

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two people by the sea


In the hippest health circles, aura photography and nootropics are having a retro aggressive revival. Yet, nothing beats the potent healing power of simple H2O, says academic and wild swimmer Dr Catherine Kelly.

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Giant bronze statue of a warrior among a field of poppies and scattered rocks in Pompeii

Pompeii: History's Greatest Muse

Perhaps clues to the way we live lie in the perfectly preserved streets of ancient Pompeii, says author and classicist Daisy Dunn.

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lelo meslani standing in front of a mural

How South Africa Became A Creative Powerhouse

A vanguard of Black creatives in South Africa are refocusing cultural sightlines on the continent. Joburg-based Zanele Kumalo meets them.

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Aerial view of Lima's park and sea

Lima, Past and Present

In the first chapter of our Talking Points series, Marie Arana embarks on a personal pilgrimage into the bloodstream of her country’s identity.

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surfers in lima

The Surfers Pushing Urban Boundaries

Surfing has an easy-rolling reputation that signifies a certain way of life, but as local Sorrel Moseley-Williams says, it’s the unexpected corners that surprise the scene the most.

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A woman looking at her phone, leaning against a yellow wall in Barranco, Lima

Capital of Colours

For the second chapter of our “Talking Points” series, Peruvian-British author Karina Lickorish Quinn plots Lima’s history in painterly hues.

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