Rise and shine with these unrivaled breakfast spots

Slow down, clear your mind and marvel at the beautiful view. As you raise that morning coffee to your lips, the vista in front of you sets your perspective and inspires for the day ahead. From a panoramic vantage point high in the Amalfi hills to a viewing hide metres away from elephants, we’ve selected our favourite spots to wake up in around the world.

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An early morning voyage through the Thai jungle

The gentle rumble of a vintage train lulls you awake as it navigates the lush jungle. This isn’t a dream: it’s the Eastern & Oriental Express, A Belmond Train, that offers picture-perfect views as soon as your eyes flutter awake. Take advantage of your round-the-clock steward service and have your breakfast brought to you in your private cabin.

Wake up in Southeast Asia
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Italian pastries with a touch of decadence

From the comfort of your exquisite bed, watch the sunrise over the lagoon as it casts golden rays onto St Mark's Basilica. That’s your privileged view from the 18th-century Dogaressa Suite, your private box from which to witness the theatre of Venice. In perfect privacy on Giudecca Island, nibble on delicate Italian pastries as the Floating City awakes to another glorious day. Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel’s blend of glamour and serenity is why we are a true legend of Venice.

Wake up in Venice
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Rise and shine to Brazil’s finest beach

Watch daring surfers ride those coveted dawn waves from the comfort of your penthouse suite’s private terrace. Your butler is on hand to bring you whichever breakfast tickles your fancy, as you enjoy one of the best views in the world — an uninterrupted panorama of Rio de Janeiro’s coastline.

Wake up in Rio de Janeiro
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Snow-capped mountains, rolling green hills, sparkling rivers — when you travel on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, jaw-dropping views are guaranteed. Wake up in total privacy to a reverie and enjoying the pleasantly languid start to the day. Whether you’re after delectable pastries, the freshest seafood or indulgent truffles and caviar, true indulgence is the order of the day.

Wake up in Europe
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360° view of la dolce vita

As local fishermen arrive at the harbour and the international jet-set begin to populate Portofino’s piazzetta, soak up the charming views from your own terrace. At Splendido Mare, A Belmond Hotel, a series of Ligurian specialities — from pastries to charcuterie — are on offer to wake up your tastebuds and prepare you for your day ahead.

Wake up in Portofino
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Greet the day at 11,000 feet

Throw your window open and marvel at the Peruvian Andes that stand guard in the distance, framing Cusco’s red-tiled roofs and historic buildings. These beautiful views are what await from Monasterio, A Belmond Hotel, situated a stone’s throw away from the bustling Plaza de Armas. Sip on a coffee made with locally grown Arabica beans as the city stirs awake around you.

Wake up in Cusco
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Early morning bliss in Sicily

There’s a simple elegance to the lull of the waves in the morning; nature reassuring us with its ebb and flow. Perhaps you’ll pair this peerless view with a pistachio cannoli, or a platter of hand-picked local fruit. Whichever you choose, the sight of sunlight reflecting off the Bay of Mazzarò is enough to satiate any appetite.

Wake up in Taormina
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Botswana’s finest breakfast spot

You’ll be wide-eyed with wonder as elephants join you for your breakfast at our lookout hide. At Savute Elephant Lodge, A Belmond Safari, you have a front-row seat to nature’s wildest wonders. Listen to the symphony of their splashing at the watering hole as we brew your morning coffee, energizing you for the day of exploration ahead.

Wake up in Chobe National Park
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Miles of blue between sea and sky

There’s no sight more breathtaking than the Amalfi Coast from above. Historic buildings dot verdant hills and lemon groves, which cascade down the cliffs to kiss the shoreline. It’s a stunning sight to wake up to, especially when enjoyed from a palatial private terrace like the ones we have at Caruso, A Belmond Hotel.

Wake up on the Amalfi coast

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