The Belmond Pool Rules


The Belmond Pool Rules

Relaxation is serious business. Whether you’re lounging with cocktails in Rio, dipping your toes as you glide past the temples of Bagan, or floating among the jungle sounds in the Riviera Maya, we have some rules to follow. No exceptions.

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Never check the time.

Laps at first light, afternoon sunbathing, or an evening cooldown... It’s always the perfect time to be poolside, so why rush?

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Make a splash.

Bold colours, floral prints or naval stripes. Make a statement with a hat, shades or unusual accessories. Or keep it simple, and let your attitude say the rest.

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Stay hydrated; cocktails count.

Indulgence is thirsty work. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant long drink, an elegant martini or just a freshly pressed juice, have a word with the bartender. They’ve got you covered.

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Bring company.

Hours shared are hours doubled, so spend them with someone or something you love. A friend, a crush, a book, a song, or just your own thoughts.

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Embrace the lifestyle.

“We swim because we are too sexy for a sport that requires clothes.” An old saying we believe with all our hearts. Celebrate the beauty, within and without.

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