A Mexican Fairytale

San Miguel de Allende is an adventure for the senses: sights astonish, sounds chorus, scents draw you in. Yet at the heart of this vibrant city lies an oasis, a safe haven that’s at once connected to its locale and is its own, private sanctuary.

SWING OPEN OUR ancient, wooden front doors and at once the fiesta outside gives way to a siesta-like calm. Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada welcomes guests with a magical sense of tranquility and a rustic charm that evokes a bygone era.

Indeed, the cluster of casonas—the colonial stately houses that comprise the hotel—tell of a rich and colorful history. Many original features of this former 16th-century convent remain, such as carved stone fireplaces and beamed ceilings. This is old world luxury, punctuated with modern convenience: rooms are individually decorated with antiques and art, finished with sumptuous local fabrics. Talavera tiles give our quaint bathrooms a distinctly Mexican feel.

Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada is alluring and understated. Our exterior gives little indication of the magnificent courtyards tucked inside our walls, shaded by vaulted arcades and scented with jasmine and bougainvillea. It’s hard to imagine anywhere more idyllic than our pool. It’s set in verdant walled gardens surrounded by nesting hummingbirds and an ancient fountain—it’s hard to tear yourself away. Come evening, flickering lanterns illuminate the grounds. Retreat to the terrace and try one of our zesty mezcal cocktails as you take in the spectacular sunset.

Discover bold, Mexican flavors in a picturesque setting at Andanza, our restaurant. Chef Jetzabel Rojas infuses the traditions of her ancestors with a modern, international sensibility. It results in some of the finest plates in the city. Can’t get enough of her food? Rojas also runs the Sazón cooking school. She’ll take you to local markets to find fresh ingredients before teaching you how to transform them into regional classics.

Those who want to immerse themselves even further in local culture should try the temazcal. It’s an ancient ritual in which medicinal herbs are thrown onto hot stones while indigenous chants soothe body and spirit. For more traditional pampering, our wonderful Laja Spa also offers a full range of massages as well as detoxifying body wraps.

However you choose to spend your stay, we’re confident you’ll leave feeling totally relaxed. Our concierge, Ricardo, and butler, Don Gustavo, are perhaps the two most accommodating men in Mexico. So if there’s anything you need, just ask.

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