Most Beautiful Spots in the Amalfi Coast

Achieve an enviable Insta-feed on the Amalfi Coast. Simply follow our expert guide to find the most beautiful spots in this ravishing area...

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Infinity Pool at Caruso, A Belmond Hotel

We know you’re on vacation, but the early bird gets the most magical shots. Rise with the sun and capture the stunning panoramas over the infinity pool at Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast. It’s bathed in an aura of enchantment you’ll never forget. Before heading to our glorious breakfast, stop by the stairs near the front desk leading down to the gardens. From here, you’ll gain another breathtaking view in the early morning light.

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The charming town of Amalfi is only 3km from our Ravello clifftop perch. Our complimentary shuttle is a great way to get there. But for those seeking views there’s no better way to reach Amalfi than on foot. Grab your sneakers and set off before the heat sets in. On the 50-minute walk to Atrani (the village before Amalfi), head towards the square right by the Sanctuary of Saints Cosmas and Damian. Here, in the lowest part of Ravello, the vistas are stunning. Descend steps, steps and more steps. Looking to your right, you’ll spot lemons. There’s no need to tell you to look left – peeling your eyes away from the mountains and twinkling sea will be a challenge.

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Approaching Atrani, you wouldn’t be the first to think it resembles a Greek island crossed with a Southern Italian village. Look beyond and you’ll spot Atrani’s beach. Continue along the way, snapping to your heart’s content. Lose yourself in picturesque alleyways surrounded by gleaming white houses. Stop to take in the imposing cathedral backed by the dazzling Mediterranean Sea. If an elderly woman passes by carrying heavy bags, you may feel the urge to help. But these stoic locals will most likely brush you off and instead issue a grandmotherly warning: “Take care, it’s hot today”.

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Boat Trip to Pandora Grotto and Positano

In Amalfi, board your private boat—they say life on the Amalfi Coast is best lived on the water. Once afloat, the photo opportunities are boundless. But let us share a couple of tips. Ask your captain to sail to Pandora Grotto, where the water is so blue you’ll forget about Capri. On the other side of Amalfi, pause in front of Positano for an iconic shot.

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We’ve almost made it to the end of an idyllic day. Ask to be put ashore in Praiano, a prime spot for sunset views. Maybe you’ll decide to stop at the local beach for a photogenic cocktail and some lively music. Or perhaps you’ll continue up to Praiano’s square. Prepare to climb 385 steps and to feel inclined to stop on each for a different view. If you hurry, you’ll catch the sunset from the main Piazza. But even if you miss it, the vistas are unforgettable. Relax and chat to the “gente del posto” (locals) and end your adventure on a high.

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