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The Hotel

Experience the ultimate Peruvian retreat

Blending effortlessly with the awe-inspiring natural environment, Las Casitas is the ultimate Colca Canyon Hotel. With just 20 individual bungalows, a stay here feels a world away from the stresses of everyday life.

Set off on stunning canyon treks, ride Peruvian Paso horses, keep an eye on the skies in search of the Andean condor. Or make the most of your downtime, unwinding beside the pool, recharging in the spa, or simply delving into a good book. Timeless memories are guaranteed.

At a glance

  • ACCOMMODATION 20 individual casitas, each with a terrace and hot tub
  • DINING Peruvian à la carte restaurant and bar
  • ACTIVITIES Hiking, bicycle and horseback tours and bird watching
  • LOCATION 166km from Arequipa airport


Every step brings a new discovery



Tranquility Awaits

Welcome to our sanctuary of peace in the Colca Canyon. The perfect fusion of contemporary luxury and unspoilt farmlands greets you here.

Curiña Restaurant

Detail-Oriented Dining

Arequipan dishes await, from chupe de camarones (shrimp chowder), to rocoto relleno (stewed hot pepper). We grow produce in our own gardens—it really doesn’t get fresher than this.

Puccq’io Bar

Aperitif Time

Our Peruvian bar houses a tipple for any taste, as the day draws to a close under the inky black sky. Salud!

Swimming Pool

Total Serenity

Our pool, built using stone sourced from the Colca Valley, is designed to blend in with the stunning surroundings.

Samay Spa

Nature’s Healing

Aromatic eucalyptus groves lead you into our nest of relaxation. Nature is our main resource, from heated basalt stones from the Colca Canyon to sacred coca leaves.


Respectfully Restored

Our on-site chapel is a quiet zone of spirituality. Explore Colca Valley tradition: a hybrid of ancient shamanism and Catholicism imported by Spanish conquistadors.


Live Like a Local

Pick fresh muña leaves and brew a traditional tea. Wander around our prickly pear orchard. You’ll be in the company of our horses, pigs, llamas and alpacas that roam freely.

View Point

Ethereal Magic

Enjoy unspoilt vistas of one of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. Stargazing reveals the drama of the indigo night sky as the Andean condor swoops ahead.


Shifting Gears

On-site complimentary self-parking ensures your vehicle is always safe with us.

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A Visual Journey

Take a closer look at the hotel and its beautiful surroundings.

Different. Better. Special.

Staying with us turns a trip to Colca Canyon into an unforgettably unique escape. Here are just some of the features that make us stand out from the crowd.

Belmond Las Casitas, Colca Canyon


Savor the company of a good book. Our inviting library has a wonderful collection of fiction and nonfiction. Pick up something appealing, find a spot by the pool or gaze out to the canyon, and let your imagination run wild.

The library also provides a computer with internet access.

Belmond Las Casitas, Colca Canyon

Vegetable Garden and the Farm

Vegetable Garden and the Farm

Explore our vegetable garden, where organic produce is grown for our kitchens. It’s home to five natural greenhouses, a prickly pear orchard and numerous vegetable beds.

Our small farm is also located on the property and is home to a number of animals, from horses, pigs and baby alpacas to guinea pigs.

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    Visitors to Peru are exempt from the country’s 18% sales tax on charges for their room and food upon presentation at check in with a valid passport and/or Peruvian immigration card. The hotel invoice must be made out to the guest’s name and not to a company name.

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