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Meet me at Maundays Bay Meet me at Maundays Bay

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Step Foot on Our Platinum Paradise

Sink your toes into the powder soft sand of Maundays Bay. The most beautiful beach in the Caribbean beckons with pristine shores and gently lapping turquoise waves, enclosing you in a warm, sparkling embrace. Breathe in the salty air, stretch out under the sun and soak-up the island's spirit. But don't forget – this is Anguilla. Here, the adventure only just begins at the water's edge.

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Beach Lounging

Our beach attendants are on hand to provide a personalised service to all our guests, available 9am–5pm.

Indulge with:

• Two elegant chaise loungers reserved on the beach, with extra-large, market-style umbrellas and a table
• Chaise-side beverage and meal service
• Complimentary chilled towels, bottled water and sorbet throughout the day
• Access to four cabana bars along the beach

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