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Bali is a place of extraordinary beauty and peace. On the island’s shores, the sand is soft, the water feels like warm silk and the palm trees sway in the breeze. Sunsets can be breathtaking the world over, but nothing quite prepares you for our evening sky above Jimbaran Puri, A Belmond Hotel.

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The Bay to Be

Jimbaran Bay bubbles with a gentle energy. The beach is one of the finest on the island and not just for its soft powdery sands and remarkable sunsets. Despite its popularity, this bay keeps its cool. Day and night, the vibe is very chilled and peaceful, unlike some of the island’s busier beaches. It’s the perfect place for a slow day in the sun and sea, followed by a sensational dinner on the shore. Even better, from Jimbaran Puri you’re just steps away.

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Meet the Royals

The Balinese royals are formed of nine families, all descended from the ancient Klungkung Kingdom. Visit Klungkung Palace and Karangasem Palace to uncover the history of the Balinese monarchy. These ornate residences are a must see, with charming illustrations telling a new story everywhere you look. As our guest, you’ll enjoy a private tour and lunch with a member of the Royal Family. There’s nothing quite like a majestic welcome.

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From East to West

For such a small island, Bali offers a splendid variety of landscapes, cultures and sights. The two sides of the island are vastly different. Head east to take-in the striking volcanoes and lush, dense jungles. Stop at Tirta Gangga (a royal palace) and take a dip in the cool healing waters. Head west for a slice of the rural life. Discover the idyllic rice paddies and little villages that characterise the region. Don’t miss Pura Bratan, a breathtaking water temple beside Lake Beratan.

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Temple Time

Making time for temples is a must in Bali. Each is different, but all offer a wealth of inspiring architecture, irresistible stories and a pervading sense of peace. Our favourites are at Candi Kuning and Uluwatu. At Candi Kuning, picture towering stupas on the shores of a stunning mountain lake. Uluwatu is where you want to be at sunset. Here, our guests can experience the fascinating Kecak Fire Dance, made all the more marvellous by the temple’s clifftop setting.

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Out of the Sea...

Like many island cultures, seafood has a special place in the hearts and stomachs of the Balinese. Nowhere is this more palpable than the Fish Market at Jimbaran Bay. Fishermen arrive straight from the sea with their daily catch to add to the many stalls. Explore with our guide and choose whatever takes your fancy. Our chef will have it cooked up in an exquisite dish, just for you.

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...And into it

If you prefer to dive in yourself, head to Nusa Penida Island for some guided snorkelling. The waters here are home to the infamous Mola Mola, AKA the ocean sunfish. These giant (and slightly odd-looking) sea creatures can grow to the size of a human and enjoy the warm temperate climates of Indonesia. Meet the magnificent sunfish up close with the help of our snorkelling guide for an experience you’ll never forget.

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A Helping Hand for Nature

The beaches of Bali are home to all kinds of wildlife, including the endangered sea turtle. These gentle sea creatures have struggled with numbers in recent years but local fishermen at the Saba Asri Sea Turtle Conservation are helping them fight back. One of the best things to do in Bali is volunteer at the conservation and spend a day learning about the turtles. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to release a baby hatchling into the sea, and we can promise - there’s nothing sweeter.

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