Royal Scotsman


The Stars Above

Follow the rails deep into the Highlands, cast your gaze upwards, and lose yourself to the wonders of Scotland's endless night sky.

Enchant your mind beneath the dark skies of Scotland. Royal Scotsman, A Belmond Train, has joined expert astronomer Steve Owens for an exhilarating planetary exploration in the Cairngorms. Marvel at the milky way sweeping from horizon to horizon, the meteors crossing the sky in their multitudes and satellites glinting overhead. To view the cosmos under one of the darkest skies in the world is truly as captivating as you imagine.

The experience begins after a sumptuous dinner onboard the train. You will journey to a remote location in the Scottish wilderness to view the celestial showcase at its most luminous and remarkable. With binoculars and star maps in hand, you will learn how to identify constellations that you may not have even known were above you. Allow yourself to be swept away and your mind to be transported to what lies beyond our planet.

Steve Owens was brought up in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, and has led stargazing tours to places like the Cairngorms for 20 years. Having had an interest in stargazing and astronomy since his childhood, his fascination has only deepened throughout his life. Steve’s passion for the stars is compelling and contagious. He believes the experience can be an extremely relaxing, meditative and almost spiritual event.

Many people now grow up in towns and cities where the ever-growing light pollution stops you from seeing the night sky as it should really look. As our cities are expanding our darkness is retreating, therefore making the remoteness of certain regions extremely precious. “I think it's a valuable experience when you have an astronomer like me able to explain what you are seeing.” Steve tells us. “When you realise that the cosmos is part of a huge galaxy made of 200 billion stars and trillions of galaxies, you can't help but feel small and insignificant. I believe this helps people connect and put their lives into perspective”.

Every day is magical aboard the Royal Scotsman, exploring the lush Scottish landscapes. To spend your evening stargazing beneath a vibrant and sparkling night sky is the most fitting addition to your adventure.

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