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The Best of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the city of carnival, colour, samba and soul. It’s lasting charm is rooted in golden age glamour, immortalised in old Hollywood movies. But, this spirited city is more than a sun-soaked retreat. Step to the beat of Rio’s unique rhythm as you experience unrivalled indulgence at Copacabana Palace, A Belmond Hotel.

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Copacabana Beach and Beyond

Copacabana Palace is at the very heart of Rio’s most iconic beach. Just steps from the hotel, the pristine sands are manned by our beach attendants — always on hand with fluffy towels and chilled water whenever you need them. Start your stay with a beach day and soak-up the endlessly festive atmosphere. Or, venture further afield to Macumba, Secreto or Prainha to experience more of Rio’s iconic sandy stretches.

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A Walk Away

If you’re up for a morning wander, there’s many more things to do in Rio de Janeiro that are within an easy walking distance. Uncover the history of Brazil at the nearby Forte de Copacabana. You’ll also find several excellent spots here for an alfresco breakfast. At the end of the peninsula catch sight of the surfers at Arpoador and watch as the waves crash against the rocks with breathtaking beauty.

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Cycling at Sunset

The sunsets over the ocean are always spectacular in Rio, and best enjoyed on a bike ride along the beach. Take the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas route—a leisurely 8km loop that sweeps by one of the city’s most scenic lagoons. The 45-minute cycle promises plenty of beautiful views in the dusk light. After, head for a sunbed at our Pool Bar to rest-up and refresh with an evening aperitif.

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Into the Night

Rio’s nightlife is legendary and you’ll find the rhythmic music hard to resist. Get a taste for samba at Pedro do Sal in Saúde (also known as Little Africa). Local musicians and Cariocas (Brazilians) flock here to play and dance the night away. You’ll also get a truly memorable caipirinha at the bar. Ease into the night with a cocktail or two, then head to the dancefloor to show off your moves.

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Take to the Waves

With the Ocean in sight from many angles it’s more than tempting to venture in. Take a boat tour from Guanabara Bay to enjoy lesser-known views of the city. Then head to Zona Sul and Niterói beaches to go snorkelling. The crystal clear waters here are perfect for meeting the marine life beneath the surface. As the day draws to a close, back on the boat you’ll find that Rio’s famous sunsets are just as spectacular from the sea.

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Unmissable Mountains

Famously presiding over the city are the great silhouettes of Sugarloaf and Corcovado mountains. Wake before dawn and set off for the nearby cable car station. As our guest, you’ll enjoy exclusive access before the network opens to the public. Reach the top of Sugarloaf in time to see the first rays of dawn settle on the city below. The early morning light is also ideal for taking in one of the new seven world wonders—Christ the Redeemer at the top of Corcovado is a sight you’ll never forget.

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