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Local Guarani legend tells the tale of Naipi, a woman so beautiful she could still the Iguassu. It was her destiny to be sacrificed to M’Boi, the serpent god. As she tried to escape downstream, a jealous M’Boi fractured the earth in his pursuit of her. He captured Naipi and turned her into rock. The carved-up landscape left behind formed the magnificent Iguassu Falls—a place so magical you’ll never want to leave.

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The mysticism surrounding the falls is best illuminated by moonlight. Ours is the only hotel on the Brazilian side of the park, so you enjoy out-of-hours access when the crowds go home. Make the most of the peaceful late hours with a wander to the falls. At this time, dazzling moonlight manifests lunar rainbows and enchanting shafts of light through the tumbling water. It’s just you, the moon and the falls—a moment you’ll never forget.

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Glimpse a birds-eye-view of the largest waterfall in the park, the Devil’s Throat. Hop aboard a helicopter and soar into the misty skies above the falls. From up here, the entire landscape is in sight. Take in the majesty of a three-kilometre chain of cascades falling at 1000 cubic metres per second. Then get a little closer for a truly breathtaking experience.

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Brazil is famous for its beautiful birds. Meet over 160 different varieties of them in Iguassu Bird Park. The park is just a short distance from the hotel and the falls, meaning you can stroll over when the feeling strikes you. Gaze on at feathered fowl of all shapes and colours among 12 acres of stunning jungle habitat. This is a perfect excuse to escape the crowds at the falls and while away a gentle afternoon.

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Take the Poço Preto Trail—a 9km route through the heart of the forest. It is possible to walk or cycle the trail if you’re up for a challenge. But one of the best things to do in Iguassu Falls is hop aboard our jeep 4x4 for a thrilling adventure. We’ll pause at the banks of the Iguassu for you to step aboard a raft. Cruise down river across the Argentinian border for an unforgettable up-close view of the falls.

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After several blissful days amongst some of the world’s most spectacular nature, you might feel the need of a little hustle and bustle. Head into nearby Foz do Iguaçu. This city is vibrant and cosmopolitan, with lots to see and do. Dine at Empório com Arte if you like quirky charm and tasty local bites. Or sip cocktails on the terrace at Capitão Bar. The sparkling white mosque at Jardim Central is well worth a stop for sightseeing, as well as the tranquil gardens at the Buddhist Temple just outside town.

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One of the best things to do in Iguassu Falls is a visit to the Triple Frontier. This is where the mighty Iguassu and Parańa rivers meet to carve a natural border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Take in the views from Tancredo Neves Bridge and continue on to explore Puerto Iguazú city in Argentina. Or follow the Ponte Internacional de Fraternidade bridge into Paraguay. Wherever you follow your feet, anticipate a warm welcome back at Hotel das Cataratas, A Belmond Hotel

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