A new culinary era in Venice

Oro captures the spirit of Venice—its romance, beauty and connection to the sea. Bordering the edge of the water, the view from your table is a gentle lagoon scene with unmissable vistas ignited by the evening's changing light.

Now with Chef Riccardo Canella at the helm, the menu is an eight-course meditation on local ingredients sensationally re-imagined and of course, seafood from the Adriatic Sea takes a starring role. With each dish Chef Canella guides you through the ebb and flow of flavours reaching a crescendo before ending on the final sweet note of dessert.

  • Tuesday to Saturday, 19:30–22:30
  • Dress code: elegant informal (kindly note that men's shorts, sleeveless shirts and flip flops are not permitted)
  • Tel: + 39 041 240 801
  • Email: fb.cip@belmond.com

A touch of gold

Chef Riccardo Canella

My desire is to create a new language of cooking in this region, humbly exploring and adapting the amazing ingredients that surround me.

His culinary journey has taken him around the world, but Chef Canella's return to his homeland marks a new wave in Venice's culinary scene. Curating personal relationships with local producers and fisherman, Riccardo's menu celebrates the wealth of ingredients in the region.

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Riccardo Canella

Executive Chef