A Michelin-Starred Journey

Simple Sicilian ingredients of the highest quality form the thoughtful dishes in our Michelin-starred menus. Here you’ll find ingredients elevated with harmonious modern twist.

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From land and sea, Roberto Toro’s kitchen is bursting with seasonal ingredients that adhere to his deep-rooted passion for authentic flavours. Feast on signature dishes like pasta with buffalo ricotta, seafood and basil-flavoured aubergine cream, or perhaps our lamb with carrot, cabbage and star anise — joyfully paired with wine from Sicily and beyond.

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Tasting Menus

Choose between four curated tasting menus: Otto, the sea, the three valleys, or the vegetable garden

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Wine List

Our extensive list has a focus on Sicilian wines, alongside a variety of prestigious Italian and French labels

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Be tempted by our signature cocktails and a variety of local and international liqueurs

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Water Menu

Browse our selection of Italian and international waters for the most refreshing accompaniment

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Behind the menu

Chef Roberto’s menu elevates childhood memories into culinary alchemy

“Sicily boasts such extraordinary natural produce,” chef Roberto believes. “When you have such great raw materials, you don’t need to alter the ingredients. You just need to know how to enhance them.”

From fresh seafood caught by local suppliers to the most flavourful tomatoes on the island, ingredients are king at our Taormina restaurant. At Otto Geleng, deceptively simple dishes combine outstanding Sicilian produce with the flavours of his youth. Take the tortelli filled beccafico-style with raisins, pine nuts and saffron, which is inspired by the chef’s favourite dish as a boy.

Or in other courses, look for a garnish of tenerumi leaves, grown by Roberto’s mother. Admire the full spectrum of culinary skills on display, from rustic and traditional to contemporary and cutting-edge. It’s this inventive streak that has helped this Michelin star restaurant in Sicily flourish.

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Chef Roberto