Onx Manga introduces our three safari camps in Botswana.

Onx Manga explains why our three camps together provide an unrivalled overview of Botswana.

"Each of our three Botswana safari camps has its own distinct characteristics and activities, and gives the visitor a totally different experience. There's no better way to get a full picture of the country in a limited amount of time - especially as you travel between them quickly and easily by small plane.

Eagle Island Camp in the Okavango Delta is a web of calm waterways. It is wonderful to explore by mokoro canoe, speedboat and helicopter, but is also the only place in the region where you can do walking safaris, too. Nowhere else has such a variety of animal and bird species.

Exclusive journeys into the wild
Follow in the footsteps of famed zoologist "Jungle" Jack Hanna who visited our Botswana camps to film his award-winning programme, Into the Wild. Become a pioneer as you learn about conservation. Or why not choose our exciting new 13-Day White Lions of Africa Tour. Stay in Cape Town's iconic Mount Nelson Hotel before heading off on safari in Botswana and on to Johannesburg and the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

You can also explore on foot at Khwai River Lodge, but what makes this special is its proximity to Khwai Village where you may meet the local people and have the chance to see ladies making traditional baskets. The people of Botswana are very friendly and willing to share their knowledge with guests.

Eagle Island Camp; Khwai River Lodge; Savute Elephant Camp.

You expect to see elephants at Savute Elephant Camp, but guests are still amazed when they see a dust cloud appear on the horizon that eventually turns into a thundering herd. The range of animals and birds here is outstanding. You can also see rare rock paintings drawn by San Bushmen, watch the sun set behind giant baobab trees - and move on to Victoria Falls close by."

What do you most remember about each individual camp?

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