Introducing Onx Manga

Onx Manga, Regional Environmental Manager for our three camps in Botswana, oversees safaris that are guaranteed to thrill.

A safari with our collection is all about discovery and adventure - and to get the most from it you need a great guide at your side. Step forward Onx Manga, Regional Environmental Manager (pictured above) at our three camps in Botswana.
Onx's Top Tip
"Do your homework before you come. Consider the weather and the effect it will have on what you want to see. But don't be too concerned if you have to travel on a certain date. Every time of the year is great for something."

Onx and his team are among Botswana's top experts when it comes to introducing the wildlife and the country it inhabits. Travel with them at your side and you'll gain enormous insight into a world beyond your imagination. Onx will teach you how to spot game in what you thought were empty landscapes.

You'll learn how to track animals and - most importantly - useful tricks of the trade such as how to drink water from fresh elephant dung in times of drought.

Set out into the bush with Onx and you will discover layers of life that you could never even dream existed. Be amazed by the Big Five, be dazzled by the colourful bird life, but also expect to be riveted by a termite mound or a tiny plant. Onx trains all the guides at the three camps so that, as he says: "We provide top-level education to ensure our team offers an experience that no-one else can give".

What was your most amazing Botswana discovery?

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