Yangon Tour

Colour in Yangon

Nicknamed the ‘Garden City of the East’, Myanmar’s largest and most populous city is the perfect introduction to the country.

Visit buzzing open-air markets, charming teahouses and museums. Not to be missed is the spellbinding Shwedagon Pagoda, a dazzling Buddhist shrine and one of the most spectacular religious sites in the world.

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Bygone Bagan

This ancient city contains more than 10,000 Buddhist temples, many still perfectly preserved and no two alike. Explore the ruins by foot or aboard a horse and carriage, soaking up the atmosphere of centuries past. As the day draws on, the golden stupas catch the setting sun for a magical view like no other.

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Mount Popa

The Spirits of Mount Popa

Just a short distance from Bagan, Mount Popa is a magnificent mountain topped by the stunning Popa Taungkalat monastery.

The mountain is regarded as the home of Myanmar’s ‘nats’, powerful animist spirits. Tour the fascinating site with a guide, or take a bicycle and explore at your own pace.

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Explore Bhamo

As you cruise along the Ayeyarwady River you’ll encounter the tranquil, verdant region of Bhamo.

Rarely visited by cruise ships, the natural beauty remains unspoilt. Once an important trading post, take the chance to explore the colourful city and witness the eclectic mix of cultures.

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The Treasures of Mandalay

The country’s second largest city, Mandalay was once home to King Mindon’s royal court.

Explore the streets that surround the former palace and discover a wealth of beautiful shrines. Downtown, the city pulsates with colourful workshops, markets, cafés and food stalls.

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Pagodas in Myanmar

Thanboddhay Pagoda

Unlike any other pagoda in Myanmar, Thanboddhay has an imposing central stupa surrounded by a cascade of smaller stupas.

Dating from 1303, every niche and hallway is filled with images of the Buddha, totalling a staggering 582,000.

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Hpo Win Taung and Shwe Ba Taung

Magician's Caves

These famous cave temples, according to folklore, were originally home to alchemists called ‘zawgyi’.

A sense of magic is still present as you explore nearly 1,000 caves gemmed by Buddha images and thrones.

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Myanmar Monastery

Mahar Min Kyaung Monastery

This monastery, located in Mingin, has a style unlike any other in the country.

Built in 1912, it is European in design with Italian windows and stucco sculptures. It houses the Shew Sagar Buddha, one of 10 Buddhas carved from a single trunk of wood around 1,000 years ago.

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Bodhi Tahtaung

Bodhi Tahtaung

Meaning 1,000 Bodhi trees, Bodhi Tahtaung Pagoda lives up to its name. The mesmerising scene is completed by a beautiful Buddha sitting beneath each individual tree.

This is also the site of a gigantic, 300ft-long reclining Buddha.

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