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Overview: Belmond Napasai

From the moment that you turn off the main road, 20-or-so minutes into the drive from Koh Samui’s comely, garden-style airport, and into the skinny lane leading into Belmond Napasai, nature just takes over. That transformation is fitting because if one memory endures from a visit to this 68-villa hillside resort on the island’s north coast, it is that nature is not just sincerely celebrated but is the foundation of the overall experience.

Take that lane, the one that approaches the property. The paved part of it just imperceptibly seems to narrow, the trees and foliage appear to creep forward, looking to reclaim what once was their turf. Past the security gate, the resort opens up to a farm area that covers over one quarter of Belmond Napasai’s footprint and offers a hint of the priorities here. Beside this farm space, in keeping with the ethos of a traditional Thai village, is a san phra phum, a house for spirits, to ensure that they do not run amok and cause villagers any ill fortune.


Set in a grove of cashew trees, this secluded luxury beach resort is situated on a graceful hillside overlooking Baan Tai beach on the north coast of Thailand’s Koh Samui.

Seventeen acres of lush tropical gardens surround a collection of private villas and suites, contributing to a very peaceful, intimate, and unspoiled natural setting. Characterized by a mix of traditional local delights and innovative contemporary accents, life here can be as quiet or lively as one desires.

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