The native oysters of the Chesapeake Bay act as vital filter-feeders to ensure the health of this magnificent stretch of water. Over the centuries, fishing and pollution have depleted their population, and today there is a major effort underway to increase their numbers—and in turn restore the water quality of the Bay. Since 2013, Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond has partnered with The Midshore Riverkeepers Conservancy to keep an oyster cage attached to the dock by our resort. Oysters grow in the cage and act as a barometer for the water quality in the immediate vicinity. In 2014, the resort was approached by the Oyster Recovery Partnership and Stars became the first restaurant in St Michaels to recycle oyster shells. These shells are inoculated with oyster larvae and returned to the water to grow; they have resulted in the reintroduction by the resort of at least 120,000 new oysters into the Chesapeake Bay. Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond is proud to continue its support of these two initiatives, aiding the health of its surrounding natural resource.


We encourage guests to explore the area using the hotel’s bicycles and electric bicycles.

We are installing wireless thermostats in public areas. These devices allow us to adjust the temperature from any computer, enabling us to greatly reduce our energy load according to outside air temperature and occupancy.

All back of the house storage closets have been equipped with motion detectors to enable lights to automatically turn off when they are not in use. All light bulbs are recycled.

We are currently installing gas meters throughout the resort in order to monitor—and then reduce—our usage.

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