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Perfect ten

Dine among vines

CENTURIES AGO, Giudecca Island was the favourite summer retreat of noble Venetian families. The leafy Casanova Gardens, where the legendary lover held his clandestine trysts, have been restored to glory, and on four selected dates we’re inviting guests of Belmond Hotel Cipriani to enjoy a wondrous dining experience among the vines.

At a roomy table for 10 you’ll be able to mingle and chat with your fellow diners, as well as members of the hotel including the General Manager. Wander over to the cloister gardens to learn about the invaluable work of the Laguna nei Bicchiere (Lagoon in a Glass Association), which is gradually bringing neglected vines back to life.

In the company of our Michelin-starred chef, Davide Bisetto, explore the walled garden bordering the hotel grounds, where permaculture expert Michele Savorgnano has transformed a disused plot of land into a biodiverse vegetable garden. Davide visits regularly to choose edible flowers and aromatic herbs for his magnificent creations at Oro Restaurant.

Then take your seat for the main event, savouring a seasonal menu of herby salads, gazpacho, scented oils, marinated vegetables, risottos and vegetarian desserts.

Exclusive to guests of Belmond Hotel Cipriani, the shared table will take place on the first Wednesday of June, July, August and September. It’s ideal for people travelling alone or those keen to socialise with other guests. Don’t miss out!

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