“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?” The observation comes from Siddartha, Herman Hesse’s classic tale set in the era of the Buddha. Gazing at the shimmering waters as you glide down the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers, its depth is all the more profound. These magical lands do indeed feel timeless.

BEAUTY AND WONDER are in plentiful supply on Belmond Orcaella. Our pleasure cruiser is, after all, named after the freshwater dolphins that swim in the Ayeyarwady River. Indeed, Belmond Orcaella is just as striking and agile as these joyful creatures.

A more slender vessel than her sister ship Belmond Road to Mandalay, she is able to deftly navigate the shallower parts of this ancient waterway. This means that passengers with a keen sense of curiosity are able to reach unspoiled villages and settlements along the river.

Belmond Orcaella is connected to Myanmar’s unique character thanks to her beautifully-appointed interiors. Local materials and motifs abound, from the gorgeous teak floors and wall panels to the vibrant paintings by local artists on the walls. Our exceptionally comfortable chairs are upholstered with authentic fabrics. Floor-to-ceiling windows in each cabin ensure you won’t miss a moment of the unfolding journey, wherever you are. You can even watch the sun come up from the comfort of your bed.

With only twenty-five cabins, Belmond Orcaella offers an intimate experience. The exclusivity of the trip encourages a gentle sense of community on board. You’re discovering new lands, new outlooks, and new people—friendships forged on board often last for many years to come.

Socialising comes easily here, whether you prefer afternoon tea or elegant cocktail parties under the stars. Our spacious, air-conditioned dining room is the perfect place to sample our chef’s tantalizing dishes, made with locally-sourced, seasonal produce.

There are ample opportunities for quiet reflection on Belmond Orcaella. Morning yoga and afternoon tai chi are offered onboard. You can also practice at special sessions on land, deepening your bond with this uniquely serene and spiritual country.

Step aboard Belmond Orcaella