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An Icon of Southern Style

“Come quickly, have found heaven.” So read the telegram American artist Alfred Hutty sent to his wife, upon arriving in Charleston in 1919. Today the city continues to enchant with its elegance and charm. Nowhere will you receive a warmer welcome than at Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel, Charleston. Nestled in the historic district, this gorgeous retreat feels like home away from home.

WALKING THROUGH THE JEWEL OF THE SOUTH TODAY, it is almost unimaginable that the area ever faced the prospect of desertion. Yet downtown had a very different feel in the 70s and 80s: with the city’s businesses relocating to the suburbs, the center of Charleston was fast becoming desolate. But, in 1977, then-mayor Joe Riley had a plan to get people back on the streets. It was a plan that centered around Charleston Place.

This grand new hotel breathed life into the region, drawing businesses and visitors back to the city. More than 30 years later, downtown Charleston’s unique blend of vibrancy and heritage makes it an unrivalled destination for tourists from across the globe.

It is no understatement to say that we are at the heart of the Holy City. Surrounded by Charleston’s historic buildings, our hotel perfectly echoes the city's grand architecture. Guests are welcomed by a resplendent bronze fountain. Our lobby enchants with its Georgian open-arm staircase, Italian marble floors and glistening chandelier. From the offset, our visitors experience a timeless elegance that runs throughout the hotel.

Located in the heart of the historic district, we’re blessed with that rare cosmopolitan serenity. To fully unwind, head to our fourth-floor spa. Renowned across the US, it boasts a saltwater infinity pool with retractable roof. Urban living never felt so good.

Like all good Southern establishments, our true soul is found in our cooking. Charleston Grill oozes atmosphere. Here, acclaimed Executive Chef Michelle Weaver’s elegant plates put a modern spin on local tradition and come served with a helping of live jazz. And no one quite epitomizes Southern hospitality like maître d’ Mickey Bakst. When not entertaining guests, he applies his hospitality skills to helping local people in need. The Palmetto Cafe offers great Lowcountry plates in a gorgeous garden style setting, while the Thoroughbred Club’s expert mixologist pairs bespoke bourbons with the freshest ingredients.

So, come on down to Charleston Place and let us take care of you. After all, we’re Southern—hospitality is in our blood.

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