Community Projects

Teams of staff collect bottle tops in large jars, which are recycled for a Taormina charity that supports women undergoing chemotherapy. This initiative raises funds to provide transport to the hospital for treatment and wigs for patients who lose their hair.

Hotel teams join local schoolchildren on a variety of clean-up projects to keep the coastal area of Taormina Mare free of debris.

The hotels arrange activities to help guests understand Sicilian culture and the challenges it faces. Traditional ceramics are under threat as young people move from family businesses into other industries. The hotel organises The Festival of Caltagirone Ceramics to show support for this local craft and its skilled practitioners. Ceramicists Marco and Alessandro Iudici come to the hotel to show and explain the stories behind their creations—and to offer guests the opportunity to make their own ceramics.

Eco Initiatives

The hotel has purchased electric scooters that staff use instead of cars for small jobs around town. The hotel uses energy-saving lightbulbs and is replacing major kitchen equipment for cooking and refrigeration with energy-efficient units. A Fridge Saver monitors the temperatures of the products inside the refrigeration system (rather than the air temperature) to help lessen temperature fluctuation and to improve energy efficiency.

New “hot water on demand” boiler and air-conditioning systems have reduced exhaust gas emissions by 60%.

The installation of large rainwater collection tanks has resulted in a 30% reduction in water consumption. The water collected is mainly used to irrigate the gardens, to wash outdoor furniture and to clean terraces and balconies.

Food Sustainability

As part of its commitment to food sustainability, Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo has created a Chef’s Garden of herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables to supply its kitchens.

Both hotels are committed to sourcing local produce, with an emphasis on organic fruit and vegetables. The hotel’s breakfast buffets offer a wide range of local honeys, cheese, fruit, jam and bread from Sicilian grain. Other regional produce includes olive oil, sustainably sourced Mediterranean fish and vegetables.


Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is the first hotel in Taormina to have created its own compost system, producing compost that is used throughout its own gardens.

Paper supplies are being replaced by environmentally friendly varieties. Throughout the hotel sets of different bins have been provided to separate the various types of waste.

Contact Information

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo
Via Teatro Greco 59
98039 Taormina (ME), Sicily

The Hotel: +39 0942 627 0200
Reservations: +39 01 852 678452

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