In true Russian spirit

Get the full vodka treatment at Grand Hotel Europe.

Vodka is to Russia what wine is to France - an intrinsic part of its culture. And as with wine, there are many different varieties of (and uses for) the spirit to discover. Grand Hotel Europe is therefore delighted to offer guests The Vodka Experience, a chance to learn how to pair vodka with food, create classic cocktails and even indulge in special spa treatments.

Beginning with a food pairing at the hotel's restaurant, guests learn which traditional Russian specialities go with which vodkas. For example, Astrakhan Beluga caviar is perfectly complemented by Beluga vodka, marinated salmon tastes extra delicious with a sip of Tsarskaya Gold and strawberries dusted with icing sugar are divine with Grey Goose.

In the evening, the vodka sommelier invites guests behind the 10m-long alabaster counter of the glamorous Lobby Bar for a lesson in creating cocktails such as Wake Up Call (ginger, honey, lemon and platinum Russian vodka) and the Moscow Mule. The experience culminates in one of two vodka-based spa treatments designed to rid the body of toxins: Welcome to Russia, a treatment that involves a blend of vodka, lemon and caviar being gently smoothed onto the stomach after which a scrub is applied to the back, or the Vodka Massage, which includes a hot vodka compress to cleanse the feet and a full body massage with vodka and oil of Arctic birch.

For all vodka lovers, the Lobby Bar is the perfect haunt at any time, offering 22 varieties, including eight homemade versions such as pepper, sweet berry and red chilly. Na zdorovye!

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