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Villa Sant`Andrea Hotel, Sicily, Italy

The Cyclopean Coast

The coastline stretched between Taormina and Catania is unforgettably beautiful. Visit the enchanting fishermen’s villages, the beaches piled with basalt blocks, formed from volcanic lava, and admire the three column-shaped, Cyclopean Islands, rich in mythical folklore.

Here, according to Homer’s legend, is where Ulysses encountered the huge, one-eyed Cyclops, Polyphemus, who devoured some of Ulysses’ crew, whereupon the adventurer burnt out the monster’s eye with a red-hot poker and made his escape. As he fled, the Cyclops threw massive rocks at him, thus creating the “faraglioni”, or stacks of rock, that you see in the bay.

It is hard to imagine such violence, even mythical, in and around the charming coastline today. Take time to explore the pretty bays, snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters swarming with fish, or stroll around picturesque fishing villages, such as Aci Castello or Aci Trezza and join a boat trip to Ulysses’ grotto.

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Eclectic Characters

Eclectic Characters

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