Machu Picchu Tours

Machu Picchu Citadel

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is the only hotel located adjacent to this ancient Inca citadel, said to be built in the mid-15th century and thought lost in history.

Being so close, you can enjoy easy access from early morning to late afternoon, when most of the day visitors have left.

Peru Treks

Treks & Tours

With so much to see and do in Machu Picchu, let us help you create the perfect trek or tour.

Whether you want a serene walk to the photogenic Sun Gate, or aim to tackle the challenging Putucusi Mountain, we’ll craft an itinerary and find you an expert guide.

Andean Ceremony

Pachamama Tribute Ceremony

Take part in an ancient ceremony that asks Pachamama, or Mother Earth, for health and prosperity.

An Andean shaman will guide you through this magical experience and help you make an offering of cereals, grains, fruit and coca leaves.

Flora and Fauna Peru

Flora & Fauna

The citadel of Machu Picchu is a paradise for birdwatchers and botany enthusiasts.

Explore the varied and colourful vegetation of the site, only 35% of which has been studied. Or keep your eyes peeled for indigenous inhabitants—like the shy, endangered Andean bear.

Astronomy Peru

Star Gazing

On a clear evening, Machu Picchu offers incredible views of the night sky.

Our telescope allows guests to study the stars of the Southern Hemisphere and can locate stars and constellations stored in a database of coordinates.

Cultural Excursions, Peru

Aguas Calientes

The town of Aguas Calientes is just a short bus ride or walk away from the Lodge.

There you will find a number of boutiques and restaurants to explore. As its name suggests, the town is notable for its rejuvenating hot springs and baths.

Luxury Train Machu Picchu

Hiram Bingham

Take a ride aboard the luxurious Belmond Hiram Bingham train, departing regularly from Aguas Calientes and travelling to Cusco.

Passengers can look forward to elegant décor and world-class cuisine as they rumble through the dramatic surrounds of the Sacred Valley.