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Machu Picchu Luxury Hotel - Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge - ancient Inca citadel near Cusco, Peru


Part of the fascination of Machu Picchu is due to the lack of precise information about its origin and why the Incas built, occupied and then abandoned it. All we know for sure, is that because of its majestic construction and location, this unique place played a very important part at some time during the Inca era.

Numerous myths and popular stories have been built up around this mythic citadel. One of the ideas was that because of the large amount of female bones found during the excavation it was thought that maybe, this place could have been a religious centre where the "Ñustas" (virgins) were executed.

The presence of precisely carved stones like the Intihuatana, backed the hypothesis that the entire urbanistic layout of the Citadel was based on the astronomical position of its constructions, suggesting that this was also a place where astronomical studies were performed.

Recent studies have proven wrong the theory of the citadel being the "last refuge of the rebel Incas". During the time the Spanish were expanding their conquered territories, what was left of the Inca elite social class sought refuge in an area that was much deeper in the jungle - a place known as "Espiritu Pampa". This is where the Incas lived their last days, along with the Agustin monks.

Apart from all the myths woven around the Citadel, one thing remains for sure - there are exceptionally powerful, positive vibrations present here. During the past few years, many international esoteric and religious groups congregate in the presence of these powerful forces in the Sanctuary, making Machu Picchu a world centre for these practices.

Recommended reading: 'Lost City of the Incas' by Hiram Bingham and 'Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary' by Peter Frost.


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