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Flora & Fauna

Flora - The historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu encompasses 32,520 hectares which contain unique flora and fauna. Local flora in the reserve of Machu Picchu includes pisonayes, q'ofias, alisos, puya palm trees, ferns and an estimated 300 species of orchids - of which only 260 species have been identified and classified.

Due to the rugged nature of the land only 35% of the territory has been studied; further investigation could reveal many surprises. The lie of the land, the natural surroundings and the strategic locations of Machu Picchu, lend this sanctuary a fusion of beauty, harmony and balance between the work of the ancient Peruvians and the whims of nature.

Fauna - Thanks to the diversity of the micro regions within the Machu Picchu Reserve, an impressive variety of wild animals can be found in the area. 375 species of birds have been identified, of which 200 can easily be observed while hiking.

The Cock-of-the-Rock is Peru's national bird, and the male is the only one with all the bright distinctive colours. It is quite large (the males reaches 30cm in length), and can be found along the banks of the Urubamba River. As always, the best time to bird-watch is very early in the morning.

The Sanctuary's thousands of acres are home to the shy, endangered Andean Bear (Tremarctus ornatus) locally known as the "Spectacled Bear". Because the bear is so shy, it is seldom seen or photographed.

The Andean Condor is sacred to the native people of the Andes. Please do not buy feathers of this endangered species, threatened by poachers and false shamans. We do not buy, sell or promote the handikrafts made from condor feathers. Apukuntur is a foundation that care for this sacred Andean bird.


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