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Reids Palace, Madeira



The casino complex is located nearby Reid's Palace, off the Avenida do Infante and includes a casino with restaurant and nightclub. The complex was designed by Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, also famed for his work on Brasilia.

Discos and Bars

These include:

  • Salsa Latina
  • Copacabana
  • Vespers
  • Formula One Club (disco)
  • Marcelino (Fado Bar) 

There are many other restaurants and bars on the island.

Madeiran Music

Fado is both a sound of Portugal and Madeira. This style of music is similar to both Flamenco and the French Chanson, and can be heard in the fado clubs of Funchal.

Xaramba (or charamba) is particularly Madeiran and is more upbeat than fado with a chorus of singers and band of musicians. This style of music grew from a need to vent the pressures of island life and includes improvised lyrics that contain snatches of gossip about the musicians and their friends!

Xaramba also incorporates the use of some unique Madeiran instruments such as the braguinha - a tiny four-stringed guitar-like instrument based on one that came to the island from the northern Portuguese city of Braga.

Madeiran settlers in the 19th century introduced the instrument to Hawaii. Locals renamed this version the ukelele (or "jumping flea"), and from where it has spread around the world as the instrument of light-hearted ditties.

Folk Dancing

Folk dancing was revived in the 1930s and 1940s just in time to preserve the traditional dances of the regions from disappearing altogether. Today, villagers perform dance displays for tourists - keeping alive the original steps. Although the dances mainly originated from Portugal, they incorporate the rythyms and styles brought to the island by African slaves, and incorporate steps that reflect the movements of slavery and farm work.


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