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Local flair at Reid´s Palace

The elegant Reid's Palace in Madeira, located in the pearl of the Atlantic, is using a large number of local products to create new treats for its guests, such as exciting summer cocktails and luxurious spa treatments. This in turn opens up the best of Madeira to the hotel’s guests and helps the local economy by promoting local products.
The hotel has organised a seminar for staff, with the support of the local agriculture authorities, which raises awareness of the use of organic and local products and how it will improve the local ecosystem and economy
Breakfast Buffet: Guests are introduced to seasonal Madeiran fruits, such as the strange passion fruit shaped like a banana, little plums of São João, small Madeira cherries and the typical “banana prata” a small and very tasty local variety of bananas.
At lunch time the local delicacy, "Bolo do Caco", is served, which is a home made bread prepared with local sweet potato and served with garlic butter, replaces the common bread and butter. By the pool, local drops made of eucalyptus and fennel, are also being distributed to the guests, to sweeten their mouths while they enjoy the great Madeira Sun.
At the Cocktail Bar: a very special cocktail selection has been recently introduced by the creative team at Reid’s Palace. A variation of the dry Martini has been invented, replacing the dry vermuth with local dry Madeira wine to create delicious cocktails, such as the Madeirini, which is proving very popular.
Funcho in Portuguese means Fennel, which is where the word Funchal, the capital of Madeira, is derived. This has inspired another new cocktail at Reid’s Palace, called the Funchal Tonic. The drink includes gin, tonic water and is perfumed with fresh fennel juice. The result is a very refreshing drink for the Summer days!
In the Spa: A new ‘Reid’s Palace Signature Treatment’ has been launched, using locally produced Aloe Vera Balsam and Madeira wine grape seed oil. To reinforce the local culture, the treatment room faces the sea and is decorated with local Madeira embroidery and wicker work basket.
In our Restaurants : Organic certified products such as chicken, vegetables and fruits, sourced from local suppliers are already being used in most of the hotel restaurants. All our menus includes only the best local products.

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