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Chef's Introduction

"When I think about dining, and I do often, the word "choose" comes to mind. People choose when to eat, where to eat, with whom, and, of course, what. But, if you think about the power of the word more closely, you realize what is ultimately chosen is what to experience. This is the choice I rank best and the one I work to please, daily.

As the Executive Chef of Reid´s Palace, it is my pleasure to have created unique dining experiences for our guests and our visitors. Breakfast through dinner, in-room or in-restaurant, I want you to choose what suits you most when you visit our dining rooms. Ours is a daily commitment to serve what is fresh and best. I welcome your visits and your feedback."

Luis Pestana, Executive Chef at Reid's Palace

Reid's Palace offers an excellent choice of restaurants in which to relax and socialise in the utmost comfort and luxury. We are very proud of our cuisine and are pleased to offer superb dining experiences to all of our guests in one of our many restaurants and bars.

For more information on dining at Reid's Palace, please click here.

   Chef Luis Pastana
Luis Pestana, Executive Chef

Recipes for you to try at home

Why not sample the delightful dining experience of Reid's Palace in your own home with these fantastic signature dishes?

Click on the links below to download our wonderful recipes (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Scallop Salad on green leaves with scented vinigarette and ginger

Breaded Prawns with pan-fried vegetables, salad and tartar sauce

Roasted Monkfish fillet with rosemary, black rice "Venere" and fish sauce

Marinated and Grilled Prawns on a tomato compote with basil

Rolled Celeriac with crab, apple, confit ginger, and orange dressing


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